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Smh ain’t nobody fuckn wit me anymore…

I’ve single handedly ruined every friendship and relationship I’ve created within the past few months…

The fuck is wrong with me?!

Am I that unfamiliar to true happiness that I can’t even allow myself to have it without finding some sort of stupid fucked up way to ruin it for myself

I guess I don’t deserve good people in my life

I don’t get it,I really don’t. And all over the STUPIDEST mistakes and misunderstandings

I hate myself
I really feel like running away now more than ever

I can’t stop drinking my feelings away
And I’ve even started smoking blacks
Which is something I never said I’d do
But I was pushed to that point





I don’t know about you but I saw Nicki Minaj’s recent posts on Instagram as commentary on the clear double standard between displays people’s reaction of white and black women’s sexuality. The last picture, the newly released cover of her new single “Anaconda”, has received some backlash for it’s display of Nicki’s behind. 


The comparisons to her are just unparalleled.

the media is afraid of big booty

Reblogging for that last comment ^^^

Why do people fall for me… I dont do anything special..

I’m just me

Don’t Fall For Me….

Im no good, swear im just a mirage

that looks to good to be true

That will make u love and care about me

and hurt you in th worst way bcuz of my actions

smh UGH! it never fails.. somebody always gets added to the list one way or another…

I have a juice problem….

I drink wayyyy to much juice lol 

I can sometimes go without eating and just drink shit the whole day and be fine doesnt matter what it is, Milk, soy milk, almond milk, tea, OJ, apple juice, cranberry juice, caprisun, kool-aid,liquor, lemonade,snapple, soda, fresh juice, smoothies, milk shakes…ect

I can go from drink to drink and not give it a second thought…

Im drinking my problems away lol literally.


When October Jones (previously featured here) isn’t sharing text messages sent by his dog or transforming his fellow train commuters by drawing new heads for them on post-it notes, he’s creating awesomely empowering messages and leaving them for his fellow travelers to find inside seatback trays on the train.

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